Cambers & Control Arms

Cambers & Control Arms
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Control arms are one of the most boring, but mechanically impressive parts of cars. In the layman language, the control allows up and down movement of the suspension while holding the knuckles, spindles, and axles firmly onto the car. They have been an essential part of suspension systems for nearly a century. As time passed the shape, variety, sizes and material but these have always served the same function - to hold everything together. Now one can’t talk about control arms without talking about balls' joints and rubbers because they are all best friends forever. The vast majority of control arms will have a rubber bushing or ball joint mounted securely to them. These allow the complete arm to rotate up and down without binding up. 

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Let's have to look what Camber is all about 

Cambers is the angle at which wheel and tire relative to roads assuming it perfectly flat. The easiest way to envision what camber looks like is to look your wheel and tire head-on when there is no movement in the car the tire maintains a static camber angle, whereas when the car is cornering due to body roll the contact of the patch is reduced. To contract this effect and the greatest amount of tire on the road while cornering, camber settings must be taken into consideration and adjusted accordingly. 

Looking to replace your control arms and cambers?

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