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It is not always good enough to just change your brake pads. When it comes to stopping power your brakes are only as good as your rotors. Brake rotors (also known as disc brakes) are what your vehicle's brake pad clamp down on to stop the wheel from spinning. Some people may be surprised to learn that the brake rotors are just as important for stopping their vehicle as the brake pad are here. Like other brake parts, there are several different types of rotors brakes available. We will take a look at a variety of rotors.

There are two major types of high-performance brake rotors drilled and slotted.  

Drilled brake rotors:- as it is very clear from the name, it has holes and drilled in them. Having a-holes and drilled into any of your brake parts may seem counter-intuitive, especially the brake rotors after all the rotors full holes means that there is less surface area for brake pads to grab and stop the car.

Slotted brake rotors:- slotted brake rotors use slot carved into flat metal surface to move the gas, heat, and water away from the surface of rotors. One can think of the slots as irrigation ditches that move the unwanted materials safely out of the way. Slotted brake rotors are one of the most popular due to their performance in-car drivers because the type of driving they do puts a lot of stress on the rotors.

We have a wide range of aftermarket brake rotors, all designed to meet and exceed your vehicle's original braking power. Our rotors are built from high strength alloy to resist the wrapping and give better-stopping performance for longer. Whether you are looking to replace your stock quality rotors or you want to boost your brake system power. Ground Dynamics has all the parts you need to do-it-yourself and save on your brake rotor replacement cost. Buy from a vast range of Rotors at pocket-friendly prices.
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