What are spyder tail lights and how to install one?

If you are tired of getting blend with the traffic herd then we have a solution. use spyder tail lights instead of your normal ones and you will grab the attention of everyone on the street. A fiery pair of these LED tail lights are made using a superb pattern of blazing LED lights that are super bright. It gives an improved look to your vehicle and can be installed easily. You can replace them directly in place of your stock tail lights without any splicing, cutting, or soldering.

Spyder tail lights are available in a wide range of colors and style options. Ranging from sleek look to clean look you can get them all with dark reflectors or clean lenses. Whatever might be your choice, Spyder tail lights would give an attractive and unique look to your vehicle.

Features of Spyder tail lights:

  • They are used to illuminate the backside of your vehicle attractively.
  • You can replace them easily without soldering, cutting, or splicing your stock tail lights for most vehicles.
  • There are numerous color and style options available to choose from.
  • These lights offer a more focused and sharper light patter that illuminates faster as compared to incandescent bulbs making it more visible at night.
  • These tail lights are compliant with all DOT and federal regulations and they satisfy FMVSS code no 108. In addition to this, they are certified under ISO-9002 and ISO-9000 too.

How to install Spyder tail lights:

You can get professional help to install these tail lights, but if you are confident you can do it on your own too. You will require painters tape, screwdriver or socket wrench set, and torque wrenches.

  • Disconnect the negative terminal of your battery.
  • Apply some painters tape on the edges of the tail lights to avoid scratches.
  • Use the screwdriver to remove the tail lamps. The lights may fall off instantly so hold them with your hand while unscrewing.
  • Turn each bulb and socket assembly in the counter-clockwise direction and pull them out of the lens.
  • The push the bulb outward if it is with a flat rectangular harness. But f the bulb is having the round bases than just pull them a bit and then turn the quarter to release them.


IF the old tail lights are coming with the harness then it can be separated from the main harness. This will leave the part of the harness inside the bulb of the car tail lights. Then you will still require both the part for the harness.

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