2017 Nissan GT-R All You Need To Know

Of all the supercars out there, Nissan GT-R is one that stands out for being both a stunning beauty and strapping beast at once. Beauty of course, when speaking of its looks, and an absolute beast considering all that it has to offer performance wise. The 2017 GT-R has already been deemed as the finest of all versions ever produced by Nissan by many critics.

The car has been made available in seven stunning colours and as far as its interior goes, buyers get to choose from four different types. Nicknamed as the “Godzilla”, the sound of its exhaust resembles nothing short of a monster‘s roar that’s unleashed straight out of the Jurassic period itself. The exhaust note of latest GT-R is only a preview of what’s to follow ahead.

Once you get behind its remarkable wheel and thrust on the accelerator, the car zooms from 0-60 in a flash of 2.9 seconds. It effortlessly hits a mindboggling 220kmph at its best. Thus, justifying the statement made by its makers – “A supercar that sculpts the wind”. With a formidable V6 twin-turbo 3.8 litre engine that yields 565 horsepower at 6800 rpm - this car is as close as one can get, when it comes to experiencing an invincible force of nature in your own hands.

Perhaps, it’s one reason why Nissan decided to roll off another year keeping the same technical features on 2017 GT-R, and paid more attention to what meets the eye. The plush leather interiors of the car, and whole new range of upgraded features are bound to leave its beholder gloating. No wonder it manages to find itself in the league of supercars priced way higher.

The 2017 model offers all that the likes of Porsche and Ferrari do and rather more, only at half the price. At the starting price tag of $110,000, it may not be cheap but indubitably competent enough of giving its counterparts and other heavyweights a run for their money. In every category compared, Nissan has outdone itself with what the latest model of GT-R offers.

From handcrafted materials of its interior to a hand-assembled engine, everything about this car is built to provide its owner - the finest driving experience in absolute luxury. The striking edges of its bold demeanour combined with immaculate Japanese engineering, blend together perfectly to deliver all that the 2017 GT-R is - one of a kind masterpiece.

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