Everyone knows that upgrading your suspension system is one of the most critical parts of your build. It will not only give you the desired look but if done right it will not sacrifice ride quality.

Some people may say that just changing springs will do the job, some may say upgrading to coil-overs is the best option. But have you ever thought which choice is the one for you.

Lowering springs will give you the desired ride height and aggressive look most people at a significant low budget. It will give you the lower car look however some springs may give more bounce than others. When purchasing lowering spring here are the most important features we recommend you look for:

  • Reputable Manufacture – replica parts can always put the user at risk. Most replica parts are meant to compete on pricing and usually do not take into account using quality raw materials to compose a quality product.
  • Spring Rate- if you are looking at purchasing lowering springs it is most recommended to also upgrade your stock shocks to match the spring rate of your new lowering springs.

Please note that cutting your factory springs is never recommended and will void car warranty and put the driver at greater risk of losing control.

Purchasing Coilovers in some cases is the most convenient way of lowering your cars height. Not only does it save a lot of time at purchasing. But installation is much easier than just upgrading lowering springs or shocks.

Coilovers will give you control of the ride height and in most setups, damper control. Coilover kits already come with the recommended springs to give you the ride height desired without sacrificing ride quality. Once again we stress on not waiting your money on replica parts or brands that are really unknown in the automotive industry.

Overall when upgrading your cars suspension do the appropriate research for the right brand, the right price and the best set up for your car.

show with us Underground Dynamics to always get the best price and quality parts needed for your car.

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