Exhaust System – Choosing the Appropriate One for Your Car

It’s no secret that an exhaust system plays a very crucial role in rendering a vehicle clean by removing what is useless and considered hazardous for its health. Apart from the obvious, custom aftermarket exhaust systems are coveted worldwide for transforming cars into an eye-candy and a machine that is fast and furious at the same time!

Speaking of exhaust systems for cars, the entire system can be broken down into various parts. It basically comprises of following five components. These are Oxygen Sensor, Exhaust Manifold, Muffler or Silencer, Catalytic Converter and Exhaust pipe.

When it comes down to the types of exhaust systems, there again are basically five in all.

Single Exit Pipe Exhaust

It is the most common of exhaust systems out there. It has a single exhaust pipe and normally are priced the cheapest when compared to other types. Usually, the passenger side of the vehicle is where the exit pipe of these exhausts can be seen.

Dual Rear Exit Pipes Exhaust

These types of exhaust systems, as the name suggests have two pipes at its exit. The dual exit pipe exhausts are generally targeted at the sportier range of vehicles. They are also responsible for providing a deeper sound to the vehicle.

Dual Side Exhaust

This type of exhaust system once again has two pipes for getting gases out and they are placed right next to each other. They appear great and are generally utilized for enhancing the look of the car and also for providing a meatier sound when the vehicle goes into ignition.

Opposite Dual Exhaust

The opposite dual exhaust is generally used for larger vehicles which are used for towing huge loads. They aptly are used by wrapping them around the wheel, where exhausts like dual rear exit do not bend.

High Performance Exhaust

Last but not the least comes the high performance exhausts. They aren’t provided as standard exhausts but are customized and are aftermarket products. They are recommended for delivering a better job in driving the gases out of your car and in few cases for enhancing the performance as well. They are expensive and hence a premium addition to have in your vehicle.

Aftermarket Exhaust Systems - All You Need to Know

The US market for aftermarket exhaust systems is predicted to hit a staggering 60 billion USD in upcoming five years. It comes off as no surprise since it accounts for a noteworthy portion in revenues generated by all automotive aftermarket products combined.

Wearing out of standard exhausts isn’t the only reason why buyers invest in aftermarket exhausts. There are many other reasons as to why many would prefer to get an aftermarket exhaust for their cars. The reason to buy custom aftermarket exhaust can be anything from seeking an upgrade in look or sound of the car to even boost the performance of its engine.

However, following are few highs and lows of installing a new aftermarket exhaust, which every buyer ought to keep in mind.


  • Enhanced Appearance : A good looking exhaust indubitably makes a car appear good
  • Deeper Notes : Aftermarket exhausts are notorious for their meaty sound
  • Performance Boost : Special performance boosting exhaust range is capable of enhancing a engine’s performance


  • Expensive : Most fancy aftermarket exhaust system are highly priced
  • Noisy : The brawny sound of an aftermarket exhaust may not go down too well with your neighbors even if its fine by you
  • Diminished Value : Switching the standard exhaust for an aftermarket might result in loss of value for some vehicles, especially those falling under vintage or special edition category

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Overall when upgrading your cars suspension do the appropriate research for the right brand, the right price and the best set up for your car.

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