Coilovers VS Sleeve Kits

If you just bought a new ride and are thinking about having a more aggressive look, better handling, and better traction without sacrificing ride quality then you may be thinking about getting come Coilovers or Sleeve Kits. However you may be wondering what is the difference? ummm? Does this sound familiar? Luckily you have come to the right place!

Sleeve kits are more economical and there is no doubt about it. As far as ride quality? Well, there is always a compromise with sleeves. Sleeves will allow you to have control of ride height while keeping your stock shocks.

Most sleeve kits come with all necessary hardware and are simple to install. It is recommended to not buy replica products nor 2nd hand parts. Replicas will most definitely brake and can be more dangerous for you. Always go with the most trusted brands in the industry like SKUNK2™, Eibach™, Megan Racing™, etc.

Spring rates are an importance when it comes to sleeve kits as you do not want the sleeve kit to be bouncing up and down when your shock is moving up and down due to the terrain. There is also a limit, you do not want to lower your car really low as you will lose bump travel.

We recommend if you are going in to the sleeve kit route that you also consider buying sway bars and control arms to reduce body roll and give you that nice look and performance you are looking for.

Full Coil Over kits on the other hand are more pricy but if you go with the most recognized brands such as SKUNK2™, Tein™ , Eibach™, Megan Racing™, Function & Form™ Type1 and Type 2 you will definitely be happy with them. Full coilovers kits now days allow you to just swap your whole suspension and upgrade your stock shocks and springs with a new set of performance coilovers without any hassles of removing factory springs. They are less time consuming to install if done right, they come in different spring rates and even allow you to control camber settings.

For those looking to have the camber look, a set of performance coilovers is a must. If you wish to adjust the ride quality then dampering controls and camber settings are available on most brands.

When it comes time to changing your shocks then that’ll get to be a a bit more difficult, as these come as a whole complete piece. It will take patience to remove sleeves and springs from your coilovers. It is likely uncommon you will be doing this at an early stage of your purchase of coilover but it all depends on the use. Because you paid a higher price for performance coilovers it will take a while to go through them.

So when it comes to lowering your vehicle and getting a more aggressive look and increase ride performance there are many choices out there to choose from it all really depends on your budget and how much time you would like to spend upgrading your suspension. Both choices have their pros and cons, it all depends on what you feel more comfortable with.

Once again replicas are not ever recommended as you put yourself in danger; here at Underground Dynamics we pride ourselves from taking the longest step to provide genuine parts at affordable prices.