Acura Accessories & Parts


Acura is the luxury division of Honda that has the same grade of quality engineering but with the upgraded features that you would expect in a luxury car. Both brands are famous for their devoted followings of tuners and tweakers who continue to maintain and keep these autos on the roads well past their factory warranty expiration dates. When you are looking for great deals on quality aftermarket Acura accessories & parts, Acura body kits, and Acura suspension, Underground Dynamics is a trusted and reliable source with fast delivery from numerous warehouses nationwide to help you get back on the road. Below is just a short summary of the many parts that we offer in doing our best to keep up with consumer trends.

Acura Suspension

Any decent mechanic will tell you that you can make any Acura handle like a supercar by simply stiffening up the chassis and adding stiff lowered suspension. Both Honda and Acura are already known for having a lower center of gravity that helps you hang tight in those tight bends. When you knock an inch or two off the height and add in some reinforcement components to tighten up the play in the handling, you can build a virtual pocket-rocket go-kart to play with on the track. We offer such a broad spectrum of products because the tuners out there are demanding crisp and accurate Acura handling, a feat that is only possible with upgraded sporty suspension systems.

We carry performance sway bars to stabilize your subframe and steering. We sell strut tower braces to improve chassis stiffness and to diminish the clumsy perception from roll when the uniframe twists in a turn. We even make special subframe braces and connectors available to get that ultra-stiff performance feel and the reinforcement necessary for super-tuned engines. The adjustable coil over kits, performance springs, camber kits, air suspension and numerous other components that we offer are all epic upgrades to your custom ride. When you purchase poly bushings, suspension conversion kits, and other industrious recreations of parts in your steering and suspension, they all combine into the perfect performance racing package. You will thank yourself when you feel like you are just topping 20-mph at 120-mph.

Acura Body Kits

Underground Dynamics is a tuners dream come true when it comes to hot body kits. We have everything from full kits built by Extreme Dimensions to something as subtle as a carbon fiber lip. In fact, we have a customer fiber component to replace just about anything on your Acura: trunks, hoods, fenders, lips, side skirts, and spoilers. Not only is carbon fiber the ultralight alternative to steel, but it also looks awesome even without paint. When it comes to setting yourself apart from the crowd, let our custom body kits help you define your style.

Acura Accessories & Parts

We carry so many accessories and parts that it is hard to discuss them all in brief. If there is any convenience or styling cue upgrade available on the market, we are eager to stock it. All our parts must pass a high threshold of quality and demonstrate that it will be a collectible and tradable component for decades to come. In meeting this lofty goal, we have compiled a number of shift knobs, dash kits, seat covers, racing seats, sports pedals, dash covers, and even conveniences for your pets. If there is anything out there setting major trends in the aftermarket performance tuner world, we strive to stock it and introduce it to the world.

You can rely on Underground Dynamics to send you the right parts at the right prices without delays. Our company strives to streamline every procedure and to ensure continued customer satisfaction with every sale. Our customer service team members are kind and courteous. They are happy to assist you with technical questions and to help you decipher the data when you need to determine what parts are a factory fit for your specific model.

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